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The American artist Coles Phillips was one of the leading illustrators of the early 20th century.

This 176 page ebook showcases a comprehensive set of Phillips illustrations from various magazine ads and covers. Each illustration is in high resolution so you can study them in detail or print out your favorites.

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Clarence Coles Phillips was an American artist probably better known for his ‘Fadeaway Girls’ where the figures clothing matched the background. The elements of the picture were cleverly composed so the edges of the clothing could still be defined by the viewer.

His elegant women featured on covers, editorial pages and adverts of many popular national US magazines of early 1900s. These included periodicals such as Life, Good Housekeeping, The Saturday Evening Post and others. His advertising work included clients such as Community Plate Silverware, Holeproof and Luxite Hosiery, Overland Automobiles, Apollo Chocolates and many more.

This unique collection contains 176 pages of full colour plates, mostly full page, from various magazine ads and covers.  The images have been cleaned and restored by our studio and are presented in a specially produced PDF ebook. All of the illustrations are embedded in the PDF ebook in high resolution (300 dpi, large file size) for high quality print reproductions or to copy and use in your own projects

These are electronic versions of books which means that you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read them. If you don’t have this, you can download it FREE from


Publisher: Sapphire Publications

Format: Adobe PDF

File Size: 160 MB

Pages: 176

Page Size: A4 at 300 dpi


Can I print the books? YES, you can print a single page or the entire book.
Can I adjust the page size? YES, the page size can be increased many times larger or smaller to suit your reading needs, or to study illustrations in more detail.
Can I copy pictures and illustrations from the books? YES, you can copy images from the ebook for use in other programs by using the ‘Edit/Take a Snapshot’ feature in Adobe Reader.
What can I use these pictures for? The individual images are royalty free so you can use them for any project, private or commercial. However the PDF ebooks cannot be repacked and/or resold.

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